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Restoration of early Auto-Lite distributors & custom stamped data tags

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Auto-Lite Data Tags

A new customized Auto-Lite Data Tag could be considered the final touch for any overhauled or rebuilt Starter, Generator, Voltage Regulator or Distributor.

When a vintage vehicle or tractor is being judged at a show or rally, tags like these will add points.

Auto-Lite Data Tags
Blank tags $9.50 ea.
Stamped tags $18.00 ea.

Willys Distributors now has Chrysler Corporation starter and generator data tags. The Chrysler Corporation tags are a high quality aluminum tag. Like the Auto-Lite tags these Chrysler Corporation tags have raised lettering.

Chrysler Corporation Tags
Blank tags $15.00
Stamped tags $30.00
Stamping of customer supplied tags is also available.
$15.00 per tag.

Discounts are available on orders of six or more tags.


Custom made stamp set.




Stamped tags