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Restoration of early Auto-Lite distributors & custom stamped data tags

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This is an example of a Complete Rebuild IAD 4008 distributor. (Remanufactured)

A Complete Rebuild, (Remanufactured)

Distributor bodies are completely disassembled, chemically cleaned to remove oil, paint, grease, lightly sand blasted to remove any rust and finally painted.

Items professionally replated in White Cadmium
Breaker point’s plate.
Engine block mounting bracket.
Distributor cap spring clip brackets.

Items stained in Hot Bluing
Distributor cap spring clips.
Shaft centering clip (Willys 134 engines).

Complete Rebuilds Will Receive New
• Rotor
• Points
• Felt wicks
• Condenser
• Distributor cap
• Weight springs (For timing advance)
• Rattle spring
• Auto-Lite data tag (Auto-Lite distributors)
• Three oil impregnated shaft bushings
• ¼” nut, bolt & washer for mounting bracket
• Misc. # 6, 8, & 10 screws, washers and nuts
• Semi tubular rivets for brackets & Auto-Lite tag

If parts other than items listed need to be replaced, pricing will be quoted as needed.

All work and replaced items are warranted for one year.

Complete Rebuild (Remanufactured) $220.00 Starting January 2019 

A Brown Distributor Cap can be added to any IAD or IGC 4 cylinder distributor for $15.00
Vacuum advance units are not included in the rebuild but can be replaced or rebuilt, starting price is $70.00 for most units.

Wholesale pricing is available; a quantity of six or more is required.

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